"I wanted to create a company and a brand that functions at a higher level allowing women to realize that the sky is the limit"      

"My Mother passed I away when I was 27 years old; she was an amazing women who was passionate, gorgeous, deep and inspirational. I am forever changed by her beauty, depth, vulnerability and dedication. Losing her was what fueled my passion, helping me turn my struggle into something beautiful.
Ethereal is an elevation brand where people can dream big and do what they love without compromising on possibility, integrity, passion, and creativity.
I saw a huge gap in the market for staffing companies that actually help people in the execution of doing what they love. Staffing from a place of compassion, generosity, and heart-based service vs. manipulation. We wanted to create a platform of Beauty Industry Experts. Our goal is to be the Cupid to women who are being life coached and educated to take all of that greatness and put them into brands that align with their true passion. Making it a mutually beautiful, matched with fueling higher profits, for brands by hiring people who are functioning for a higher purpose."


The Brands we Love Working with:


Ethereal Praise

  • Nicole is a much-loved and valued member of Business Chicks. She is a true professional and is passionate about her work, always looking for opportunities to support her clients and candidates and connect others where she can. Nicole is effervescent and motivated and I have no doubt she’ll continue to achieve great results for anyone lucky enough to work with her!
    — Emma Isaacs, Founder/Global CEO, Business Chicks
  • Nicole is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to the beauty industry and her clients. I have had the opportunity to partner with her on several occasions and have been impressed with the results she has delivered. I feel confident recommending Ethereal to my clients and business associates alike.
    — Sinead Norenius-Raniere, VP of Business Development Women’s Marketing
  • Nicole is a purveyor of positivity and effervescence. Her motivated, can-do attitude is the driving force behind her successful business, and it’s what has made her a dearly-loved member in the Business Chicks community and amongst her clients. Nicole has a great eye for opportunity, and a rock-solid network within the industry. Her personable approach and savvy input makes her memorable for all the right reasons.
    — Chantelle Sturt, Vice President Brands & Relationships – Business Chicks USA
  • Nicole works as your greatest advocate. She truly understands your skill set and is an incredible matchmaker. An absolutely intuitive listener, she continues to check-in and foster your growth even after placement. She always made me feel like she was looking out for me. I continue to go to her for the best opportunities.
    — Josephine Wai Lin, Co-Founder & CEO Manservants
  • We totally enjoyed working with Ethereal, Nicole is a great professional.
    — Stephanie White, VP of Marketing Stella & Dot

Our Founder

Nicole Rourke

"My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools and people  that you can immediately use to improve your business and brand."

Raised in Long Island, New York, Nicole was exposed at a very young age to the worlds of contemporary art and fashion, she developed a very strong passion for fashion / beauty and all things glamorous. After studying Communications and Public Relations at Suny Old Westbury, Nicole made her way towards New York City to take on the fashion capital of the world. She started her career as a assistant fashion booker at a New York based Modeling Agency and was promoted to senior fashion booker within two years. Seeking to diversify her experience, she began to work in recruiting. With the intention to combine her love for,  fashion, beauty, and people all in one place. Over the course of 10 years, I have worked in house with world's largest and most prestigious recruiting firms. I have had the amazing pleasure of placing people, staffing projects, and teams providing the world's most exclusive brands with talent.. As born-n-raised New Yorker  with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream, I’ve created a Ethereal from scratch.

Turning passion is into a business I decided to follow my heart and dream out to California where I dedicate my time to working with industry experts. We combine the sensibility and practicality of a boutique firm, the strategic understanding of a big corporate and the "think different" mentality of a tech start up to Ethereal. I have strategized, concepted, innovated, and directed across every touch point. Yes - I am accustomed to wear many styles floppy hats and shades of fuchsia lipstick and always work best with clients who are as passionate about their projects and brands as I am about mine.

I help people dream big and back it up with daily actions to create measurable results.